• I left my iPhone out in the sun yesterday. Once I realised and took it away, it said that it overheated and needed to cool down before I could continue to use it. I submerged it into the pool, to cool it. It’s supposed to be waterproof after all. 1/x

  • This morning I was able to gather quite a few strawberries 🍓 from our garden. 😍

  • Really made my day. What a wonderful comment.

  • It was supposed to be plural. Rails apps. 😉

  • I am migrating my Rails app from Azure App Services to fly.io It isn’t perfect, yet. But it is already soo much better than hosting on Azure as Rails apps are first-class apps and not something nobody wants to have around.

  • Just discovered a bug in the newest releaes of the Microblog for Mac app @manton (let’s see if attaching a .mov file works here…)

  • I just played WWDC Bingo and you can too! 😉 docs.google.com/spreadshe…

  • Sitting in bed not able to sleep. 😣

  • MacOs 12 makes it harder to know the selected keyboard layout

    MacOS 12.4 changes the display of the selected keyboard layout. Before 12.4 it used to be a country’s flag. I could discern the selected layout from glancing to the menu bar and recognize the flag (US or Germany). That was quick and easy. Now they changed it to show two white-ish letters or black background.

    I have to read the actual letters to know the layout. I don’t think this really helps anything. It only makes things look more similar, uniform and boring. Maybe there is a setting to revert that back to colorful country flags, but I am not hopeful. 😑

  • I am very impressed by the exhaustiveness and attention to detail put into the guide for Rails’ ActiveStorage feature: https://guides.rubyonrails.org/active_storage_overview.html I pretty much answers every single thing you need to set this up for S3, GCS and Azure. 😳🤯

  • During the day I usually switch between 1-2 client projects. For that I need different tabs in Firefox. To make that switch very easy and quick I use the extension addons.mozilla.org/de/firefo… It saves all open tabs and works flawlessly.

  • And this is how it looks:

  • I just found the setting how to use TailwindCSS css classes autocompletion in html.erb files. Now I can type the beginning of the class name and TailwindCSS will show me matching autocompletion, even for my html.erb files. 🎉

  • I appreciate the Dracula theme (https://draculatheme.com/). But… is there something like a Whiteula theme? I am not so much into dark themes… Just asking 😉

  • Thoughts about measuring input vs output and displaying measurements in dashboards by @tomcritchlow.com tomcritchlow.com/2022/05/0…

    found it through following links laid out by @eay 🙏

  • Do I know any React freelancer who would like to take over a small project from me? I’m doing reviews of job applicants’ take-home React assignments for fyltura.de. You’d need to be a senior-ish level developer, able to review React (JS & TS) and read and write English.

  • Netlify let’s you play a little game of matching Emojis while you wait for your deploy to finish. That’s cute. 🤩 86BA9F15-12DD-4A18-93E1-C4C39FE45F9B.jpg

  • 😭🤬 bad code is bad 😩

  • I really like this game. Had a rough start and didn’t get it at first. Then tried it again sitting on a plane with nowhere to go. Now I can’t put it down.

    Cheese and crackers! May Standard 11 was a great puzzle!

    I got it in 04:02.

    playknotwords.com 🪢 📝

  • This morning I quickly set up an installation of FreshRSS to manage my RSS subscriptions. It syncs every 10 minutes on the server so my client (Reeder 5 on iOS) does not have to do the heavy lifting as it was always very slow. Its great now

  • I’ve listened to the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album for a few times now. It feels good to her Frusciante’s voice and guitar playing. It was missed. There are a few songs that stick with me after the album ends. Sadly, it’s not great. But maybe that was too much to ask for.

  • Riding on Zwift (aka commuting to the wfh office) and reading @manton’s book (at book.micro.blog) on microblogging and the open web. 🥳

  • Staubsaugerroboter sind gar keine Roboter, sondern Saugetiere.

  • I just signed the web0 manifesto and you can too!


  • I brought an external display to my new desk in setting.io’s office. I really dig the change of scenery and having an optional commute again.

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